Friday, March 21, 2008

Yangon weekly 7 day’s news journal is being sued

Yangon march 21
One of the popular journal among in the Yangon readers, 7 days news weekly journal is going to have sued by victims families executive editor from 7-day news journal confirmed to Yangontoday 7 day news journal is also being suspended for one week by scrutiny board, under the ministry of information, who control the journals and magazines .
“We have so many problems for that news because we put in last issue without having permission from scrutiny, even though they are trying to sue our journal we did ethically in this case, wrote what we have seen and what we have got from the funeral scenes said editor to Yangon today .
One of the new spread in Yangon is this journals is being sued by Yangon police chief who requested to bodies at funeral ceremony find the killers.
“What we have between us is we agree to apologize the police but still don’t know what they want to be’ editor explained.
“They attacked our dignity two times intentionally to us, so our police chief won’t forgive this time and we arrange to sue by passing the victim’s family’ said the police who don’t want to you his name.
In Yangon ,five people was killed by gun shot in sein lae kann thar avenue which is quite close to house of Daw su kyi reported by local journals.
The circumstance of this case may be different from other crime because killer use 9 mm pistol, which can use only military high-ranking officer remarked the local people who live near by.
Among them 7 days journal put alternative presentation about this criminal case and put the direct quote of police chief that requested to bodies at funeral ceremony on the last issue.
Those are their old habit and believe of police for two many years in our country instead of saying yes, it is police motto but they did when they could not follow the links of killer said retire police officer.
However, the criminals are still lucky and police cannot catch definitely, who killed the five people on the spot.

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